The combination of design, simple intelligent functions, excellent quality and practicality is our secret! Now the kitchen gets the glamor it deserves! A sense of luxury, comfort and warmth are just some of the feelings that Morphy Richards express, since excellent quality can coexist with an extremely beautiful product at a reasonable price! With Morphy Richards, things will be easy and beautiful! With many choices, with taste, precision and detail! And all this began many years ago…

It was in 1935 when appliances such as irons and toasters first made their way into people’s homes. However, these were luxury items, so the time was right for Donal Morphy and Charles Richards to cooperate and offer well designed electrical goods that fell within the average housewife’s budget. On 8th July 1936, they registered their new enterprises as a private company.

During the Second World War, the company came under government contract. After this, the company began a program of expansion into other areas and new products. The 1950’s the company saw appliances far exceed the expectations of its two Managing Directors. Irons were a case in point. The new models featured beveled soleplates for ironing around buttons and calibrated heat control, as well as pilot lights and comfortable grips. Very soon we saw the first heat-controlled steam and dry iron!

Color and appliances have gone through several fashions and cycles and Morphy Richards has always featured as a leader of trends from the original pastel irons to the bold red model shown at The Ideal Home Exhibition in 1958. Realizing contemporary style, Terracotta-shaped irons formed the budget range, while the "Continental" series was decorated in white with brown handles and orange control buttons. The innovation was back in the spotlight. And so during the 1990s one innovation followed the other and now our name was on irons, kettles, toasters, coffee makers, presses, and cookware. All of these were of the most advanced in the market. Older styles had begun to look dated although sales remained strong, and new bold colors in kettles and toasters appeared for consumers looking for a more traditional and country feel to the home. An enormous demand was created for these coloured products once the distribution had widened to the mainstream area. Production struggled to keep up with demand for several months.

In November 2000, following heavy rainfall, the Mexborough site was flooded to a depth of two feet. Heroic efforts by all employees enabled the business to run with minimum disruption. In reality it took several months for the buildings and infrastructure to return to normal. In June 2007, the site flooded again. This time the water rose to a height of over 1.6 metres. Morphy Richards was up and running again within a week of the floods albeit in temporary offices and warehouse space. In 2008 we purchased a new building named DEPTH and has been fitted out to become our state of the art design and testing facility.

Whether it's breakfast preparation, food preparation and processing, ironing, water distribution or cleaning, Morphy Richards offers a wide range of products to meet all your needs! A combination of quality and appearance in perfect harmony! With the ability to face any difficulty and challenge you will wonder how you could live without them!
Moprhy Richards's breakfast range transforms your kitchen and gets the glamour it deserves ending to a dreamlike result! Kettles, coffee makers and toasters in beautiful colors, with smart solutions that simplify the whole process, which is required in a busy way of life. At Morphy Richards we understand that there's nothing quite like a cup of coffee brewed to your exact taste. To start your morning, a break during the day or after an evening meal with friends. Because, everything has to do with detail! That's how we want to see things! Choose your favorite color and give a stylish chic touch to your kitchen! It’s the ideal match to any modern kitchen. With on-trend matt painted finish to add a modern and fashionable touch or in a classic retro style, depending on what you like!

Our powerful irons with the incredible steam power understand all your needs! End the fight against the stubborn creases, and save your precious time! They were designed with high-quality features and technology so that the ironing process can be done in a surprisingly quick time without any compromise on the result! For fast heat-up and less waiting around, Morphy Richards irons are ready once you are, with an impressive instant steam that glides through stubborn creases easily, helping to reduce your time spent ironing. And for one step further, for those who demand only the very best, Morphy Richards ironing systems with the ultimate steam power are ideal for crease removal in even the toughest fabric. Finally the auto-clean function let the steam generator do all the hard work and takes the hassle from you.

Morphy Richards’s products have been introduced and distributed to the Cyprus market since 1992, offering a holistic approach to the different product categories, giving beautiful and smart solutions to the households. Based on years of experience, we guarantee that will optimize your life and make it even simpler and beautiful. One of our major goals is to provide good after-sales service. For this reason our experienced technicians are always next to the consumer willing to communicate with each one separately and to help for a product repair or give an answer to a simple question!